Global Malayalee Council, the Largest Organization of Resident and non-resident Keralites, strive for the comprehensive Socio - economic development of India especially Kerala thru the aspects of:

1. Social Welfare
2. Cultural Exchange
3. Health Awareness
4. Business Enhancement
5. Educational Development
DREAM : Bridge the distance between resident and Non-resident-Indians to form a neutral pressure group in paving the shortcut to a fully developed India, counted among the Developed Nations. Implant the seeds for a novel business revolution in India by the cooperation and meaningful dialogue between resident and non-resident Indians.

• Co-operate with other Indians for the betterment of an Integrated and developed Community, across the edges  of caste, creed   and the color of the political flag.
• Share the knowledge and know-how for the welfare of ourselves and other Indians.
• Propagate Indian culture and heritage across the time-space barrier of the Globe.
• Share a part of the blessings God has bestowed upon us, with the less fortunate.

VISION : A Full Fledged India especially, with all Indians Proud to be called so

Utilization of excess NRI funds effectively. Non Resident Keralites are transferring more than Rs. 3,200 crores to Kerala per month, but the main portion of this fund, due to lack of suitable and reliable opportunities for investment in Kerala, is being utilized by the North Indian companies. Grounds to be prepared to invest this excess financial potential in lucrative industries and government projects in Kerala, and thus creating employment for the unemployed including the returned non-residents  .Open up all inactive factories in the co-operative sector formed by the previous employees. The factories, in which the current production is not economically and environmentally viable, shift the production to feasible lines.

Production and distribution of Electricity at economic rate for the companies, homes and business houses. Complete the half completed electric projects; start new ecological friendly hydro-electric projects with NRI financial aids. Solar energy and wind energy to be tapped adequately. Prepare Special Industrial zone enforced by investor friendly regulations in all districts of Kerala with land, electricity, water, and transportation facilities at affordable rates to industrialists having adequate resources and ensure that the relevant industry is set up.

Invite Manufacturers to start manufacturing units or franchisees in Kerala for the consumer products of high demand which is now brought from North India. Tourism development in Kerala with the help of Non-Resident-Keralites-Network (NRKN) across the globe. Change Kerala into a state with tourism friendly ecology with necessary infra structure including comfort stations all along the main roads and tourism resorts along with education and strict guidance to the public vehicle drivers.

IT centers in all district capitals with support from Microsoft and with direct access to the Silicon Valley in USA, Cyber cities in Europe, Software canters in the Far East and Computer Satellite cities in the Middle East with direct in and out-sourcing facilities.Start cluster factories for manufacturing computer accessories, Telecommunication equipments, Electronic products, toys and other products in demand. Utilize the maximum farming potential of Kerala scientifically. The Coconut trees ideally can be instituted as the strong potential back bone of the financial stature of Kerala. But today, the coconut farming and tapping has been manipulated and monopolized for the benefit of a mere 40,000 personals ( including toddy-tappers ) in the industry and leave the vast majority of coconut farmers helpless and poverty stricken by creating unscrupulous excise rules. The health department who imprison and impose huge penalty even to those who mix water with milk, ignore the heavy adulteration, and poisoning in the excise industry especially toddy.

Form Co-operative societies of the farmers especially coconut farmers in all villages of Kerala and scientifically produce Coconut Organic Juice from the trees. Today an average coconut tree yields 4 liters of Coconut Organic Juice per day and can be sold at an wholesale market rate of Rs. 30/ liter and thus an average coconut tree yields Coconut Organic Juice worth Rs. 3600/ per month. But the coconut farmers, who nurtured, fertilize and irrigate the trees are paid just Rs. 120/ - 180/- per tree for tapping per month.

Educate the coconut farmers to utilize the maximum potential offered by the Coconut tree. As per the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Thiruvanandapuram (2002-2003), there are 15.73 crores of coconut trees grown in Kerala, but due to monopolization of this industry, only 2.5 lakh coconut trees are currently tapped for toddy, making a gross financial income of Rs. 60.75 crores per month and giving employment to just 40,000 persons including the toddy tappers. There are 1.2 Million families surviving on coconut trees and they just live up on the matured and tender coconuts yielding just Rs.26/ per tree per month and are deprived of the vast financial potential of the coconut yields which is an average of Rs. 3600/ per tree per month.

Shift maximum number of coconut trees to produce Coconut Organic Juice and other value added coconut products. It is calculated that currently 4.5 crores of coconut trees (less than 30%) can ideally used for producing Coconut Organic Juice (2.25 crores for six months each) and 4.2 Million families (approx. 1.75 crores people) can substantially depend just on this crop alone. Then the income from this crop alone will be more than Rs. 8,100/ crores per month in Kerala, distributed among the average and below average families, with an average additional gross income of Rs. 19,000/- per month per family. The tax revenue to the Kerala Government from this sector alone would be more than Rs. 324 crores per month. The much acclaimed Rubber tree is yielding an average income of Rs. 165/ only per month per tree, whereas the average coconut tree is yielding a profit of Rs. 3,600/.

Develop chain factories (if needed product-wise factories) in all villages of Kerala to process and pack Coconut Organic Juice, Coconut Vinegar, Coconut Jam, Coconut Virgin Oil, Coconut Chocolates, Nata dé Coco, Coconut Sport, Coconut Gel, Coconut Halwa and other value added products based on coconut.

14. Setup new generation chain outlets for Coconut Organic Juice instead of conventional toddy shops, all over Kerala and other parts of India to market the Coconut Organic Juice in cans, bottles, tetra packs and plastic pouches to fruitfully replace the current synthetic soft drinks. Fermented Toddy also should be marketed by more hygienic and modern sales outlets through out Kerala and other parts of India. Coconut vinegar, Coconut jam, Coconut chocolates, coconut oil, Nata dé Coco, Coconut sport, Coconut Gel, Coconut Halwa and other coconut value added products can be marketed using this chain outlet.

Arrange to export, distribute and market the Coconut Products using modern transportation and marketing techniques. The canned and bottled Coconut Organic Juice can easily replace the globally famous soft drinks as the modern world is after the natural and organic products. Fermented Toddy, to great extends, can replace alcoholic beer as the organic beer in the world markets, if supplied in popular branded cans and bottles. Coconut fenny, the arrack distilled from fermented toddy can to great extend, replace the foreign liquors in Kerala. The coconut vinegar is much preferred to synthetic acetic acid. Many of these products can be exported and marketed using the NRK network world-wide making tremendous employment opportunities for Keralites living abroad too.

Amend the old Travancore excise rules of the year 1955 (even as per this prevailing excise rule, the farmers can tap themselves, to the maximum of 5 coconut trees. This rule also is being suppressed by the vested interested lobbies). The Kerala financial set up can, to great extend, rely on the reliable coconut farming and industry. As the Keralites below poverty line also own at least a plot of 10 cents, with more than 6 coconut trees, the decentralization and modernization of the coconut industry including tapping Neera, would make a drastic change in the Keralite economic scenario with no poverty and unemployment. The complaint that reducing the coconuts seeds to Neera would deprive the coir industry out of raw material is irreverent, as the studies reveal that only 35% of the available coconut fiber in Kerala, is currently used for coir industry. More over only less than 30% of the whole coconut trees in Kerala is calculated to tap Neera and toddy.

Start new training institutes to train to offer technical knowledge required for various types of farming, horticulture, Ayurvedic produces and forestation.

Organize financial and technical support along with adequate machinery to all types of farmers in Kerala so that no land lies vacant in the state. If required, the farmers’ co-operative societies can take up the vacant land on profit share basis with the land owners. Help the coconut farmers to replace the deceased coconut trees with high yielding new varieties.

Re-forestation with high yielding trees like sandal, Oud, teak, rose-wood along with Ayurvedic medicinal trees and herbs. Dress both sides of National Highways, state roads and outskirts of schools, colleges and public places with suitable trees like tamarind, eucalyptus or banyan trees.

Development of horticulture societies, to farm, collects, and processes the flowers to make flower essence and perfumes to be exported thru the member exporters and NRI importers.

Grow value added flower plants like Orchid, anthurium, varieties of roses, jasmine etc, in large scale to be fresh-exported and marketed thru Alasmar Flower Auctioneers at Amsterdam, the largest flower traders in the world, in addition to the marketing net work formed by the NRKs globally.

Setup co-operative Farm Societies with the co-operation of businessmen, NRKs, farmers and the unemployed as members so as to collect the agricultural produces, to manufacture value added products like Spice Products, Oleoresins, Spice extracts, Spice Oils, Grain bran & Oil Seed Cakes, Rice & Grain products, Tapioca products, Vegetable & Fruit Preservatives, Cashews & Nuts, Coconut products, Vanilla extracts, Natural Perfumes, Flower Extracts, Rubber products, Silks, Loomed Textiles & Ready-made garments, Carved Furniture, Handicrafts, Leather goods etc. which have good scope in the world market.

Set up new generation factories for Computer Hardware & Software, Home appliances, Pipes & Bathroom fittings, Lights and Lightings, Industrial Supplies, Minerals and Metals, Office Supplies, Automobile parts, Rear earth Products, Telecommunication products, Gifts & Crafts, Toys, etc. etc., which be fruitfully exported to tie up with the Chinese potential.

Start chain super markets and Ayurvedic treatment centers in all major cities of the world with branded quality products in spices, Ayurvedic products and organic food products, Neera, toddy, coconut vinegar along with other products of Kerala.

Form medicinal farming societies to farm Ayurvedic and medicinal plants in tie ups with leading Ayurvedic organizations of India. Setup units to manufacture suitable Ayurvedic products and service centers.

Set up manufacturing units to extract organic Fuel from Getrofa plants, tapioca, coconut organic juice, Suar cane juice and other suitable organic products like in brazil to transform the end products into ethanol that is bio-diesel.

Set up units to process Vegetable oils especially coconut oil to be used in the vehicle oil engines. Diversified commercial farming to be encouraged with financial and technical supports along with buy back arrangements.

Incorporate the young generation of college students to engage in reforestation, beautification of the towns, cleanliness of roads, hospitals and public facilities including mosquito eradication and such activities in social welfare to be supported with grace marks according to participation.

Set up professional colleges and technical institutes to utilize the current employment opportunities world-wide, in the fields of IT, Paramedical and other service sectors.

Prepare grounds for the repatriation of Non-resident Keralites who really want to return to Kerala. There are millions of Keralites who are forced to stay away from their family and spouse because they are incapable of paying back their debts at the home town. Still there are many who have no financial setup to meet the day-to-day expenses, if at home.

Facilitate economic air and sea transportation, if required by establishing own airlines and liners, so that more and more tourists can visit God’s Own Land, facilitate more overseas businesmen to come and invest in our country and the Non resident Keralites can visit their beloved ones more frequently and economically.

A completely transparent and corruption-free government. The Government offices also to be run in a most transparent mode to give prompt, maximum and timely service to the general public. The bureaucracy including the police to be framed as the ideal instrument for the development of the state with zero level bribery and corruption.

A government forbidding all kinds of human rights violations. The destruction of even the private property is a national loss. Obstructing the activities of the public or the state is a financial crime. Those who enforce Bandhs or Hartals in any form, paralyzing the public life should compensate the private and National losses.

Restriction to fund-raising from the public.Regular monitoring of the income and expenses of public servants, both political and bureaucratic.

An audited balance sheet of the previous year based on the previous Kerala Budget to be presented in the Assembly before presentation of new Budget for the new fiscal year. Those, including the government machinery who fails to accomplish the budgetary aspirations every year to be held responsible and compensated.

Set up NRI bank net work for NRI money transfer and NRI Investment giving employment mainly to the depositors or their dependants and to use the fund for the development within Kerala giving dividend to the investors from the profit of the projects.

Maximum utility of Globalization in importing latest Machineries, Modern techniques and know-how to boost the farming and eco-friendly industrialization in Kerala and to export the end products along with services overseas. Utilizing the Globalization favorably to find more business and employment opportunities globally has become mandative, as the entire world is fast shrinking to a tiny global village; and any population dissociating with it, is detaching itself from modern amenities for its citizens, which is a violation to the fundamental rights of all human beings to live a decent, comfortable and progressive life.

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